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Is The Flood That Destroyed The Whole World A Warning Sign To Us?

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the end of the world? Today many do talk about it. Some people think the world will end in a war in which men use nuclear bombs. Do you think God would ever let people destroy our beautiful earth? As we have learned, the Bible tells about the end of the world. “The world is passing away,” the Bible says. Do you think the end of the world will mean the end of the earth? No, the Bible says that God made the earth yes, for people to live on it and to enjoy it. Isaiah 45:18 says: “The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.” For this reason the Bible also says that the earth will last forever.

So the day came when Jehovah told Noah that He was going to destroy the bad people by a flood. The water would cover the whole earth, even the mountains. Jehovah told Noah to build a big ark. It was like a big, long box.

God told Noah to build the ark big enough to hold him and his family and many of the animals safe inside of it. Noah and his family worked very hard. They cut down large trees, and using the wood they began putting the ark together. This took many, many years because the ark was so large.

During that time of Noah Building the ark he was also busy preaching to people warning them about the impending judgment coming to the world. He was warning them about the flood coming but people were busy laughing and mocking him. They were busy eating and drinking and getting married. They did not think that they were so bad, and they did not take time to listen to Noah. So let’s see what happened to them.

After Noah and his family went inside the ark, Jehovah shut the door. People outside still did not believe that the Flood would come. But all of a sudden, water began to fall from the sky! It was not just a regular rain. It was a downpour! Soon the water was like big rivers, making a lot of noise. It pushed over big trees and rolled big stones as if they were little pebbles. And what about the people outside the ark?— Jesus says: “The flood came and swept them all away.” All the people outside the ark died. Why?— As Jesus said, “they took no note.” They did not listen!—Matthew 24:39; Genesis 6:5-7.

Even us the people of today we need to take heed to the people warning us about the end of this bad world. Just like the ancient Jehovah God is already preparing Jesus for the great war that will destroy bad people from this world. Let us listen to the warnings and be saved like Noah's family.

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