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Building And Furnishing The Temple And Structures Of The Lord

After a structure has been constructed, the next step is to furnish the rooms with the appropriate furniture. Solomon had completed the construction of the Temple of God, and as we will see in today's text, he appointed the leaders of Israel, including the priests, in accordance with the rules established for the transportation of the Ark of the Covenant to the temple. (II Kings 8:1)

This is to avoid what happened when his father David, who was inexperienced at the time, brought the Ark with a cart, and as it attempted to fall and Uzzah attempted to hold it, God struck him down and killed him. We must exercise caution when dealing with God's property in order to avoid causing casualties and provoking His wrath. In the text, we can see that during the ceremony to re-install the Ark of God in its proper location, the glory of God was brought down to the point where the priest was unable to stand and minister.

Have you witnessed the majesty of God manifested in your church and fellowship? By working obediently in accordance with His word, we will bring Him glory and shorten the length of time we spend listening to long sermons at church. Allowing the Holy Spirit to complete His works of salvation for sinners and edification for saved souls as we witness the glory of God in our services is our responsibility as we worship.

Solomon expressed his gratitude to God for fulfilling His promises to the house of David, including the promise to his son to build a temple for the Lord. How many Christians complete the work that their parents began for God? Please look through your parents' history to see if there are any promises they made to the Lord and to men that they were unable to fulfill before they became bedridden or died, and then assist them in fulfilling those promises because they are still hanging over your family's heads.

When one pays his or her parents' debts, it brings happiness and fulfillment, as well as blessings. It also helps to remove feelings of shame and condemnation from the family or from the courtroom.

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