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Rape Obscene

Will generational Curses passed down by our Ancestors ever rule the world?

There are things I want to engage you in, important things.

There are things I want to bring to attention.

I want to talk about trauma, generational trauma, a family curse.

I want to talk about the effects of unacknowledged pain. Unacknowledged trauma. Unacknowledged curses.

There are Generational Curses that are easily removable, and there are very, very stubborn ones where you have to go very deep in Spirituality to be able to remove them. Where you have to reach the maximum of your powers to remove them.

When you see in a particular family, that every male in that household passes away due to a gunshot wound, a stabbing, in short, a violent death. One should begin to wonder.

When you see in a particular family, every daughter gets married and comes back from their marriage due to divorce or being kicked out by the husband. One Should begin to ask.

A generational curse is something you were born with and is passed from generation to generation. No matter how big you may dream, a generational curse will limit you, and it will be like a huge spell was cast on you whereas it's something that has been there in your bloodline and until you do something to remove that curse.

When every boy or girl in this household is either a victim of rape or rape allegations, much like child grooming, one starts asking questions.

These traumas are as old as time.

These traumas are an inheritance as family heirlooms.

Ancient people inherited wealth, land, blessings.

It was their duty to upkeep them.

We are inheriting traumas, spells, and curses.

We have to destroy them.

A Generational curse of poverty is the hardest to remove, and your Ancestors have to go in full arms to help you remove it, or you have to go to someone with powers to remove it. You will watch people thriving right in front of you, and fight by all means to thrive yourself, but there will be something holding you back and it will be like a strong force. You will think it's your Ancestors closing your ways whereas it's not, and it's a generational curse just that the key to removing it, is held by your Ancestors, hence you have to do whatever they tell you to do if they want to remove it themselves. 


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