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Thembi Under Hot Water After She Revealed Deep Secret That Left Mzansi Off Gut In #DloziLami

Thembi Under Hot Water After She Revealed Deep Secret That Left Mzansi Off Gut In #DloziLami

Thembi Nyathi Who is the host of #DloziLami is fighting with Christianity wherever she is after she Exposed what many Christians refuse to believe regarding ancestors. Everysday learn somwthing new and a lot by watching #DloziLami each day you pick a new spiritual lesson. Tsholofelo doesn’t understand anything about ancestors but frequently dreams about her late mother. Thembi came in #Dlozlami to help her understand the difference between ancestors and Christianity believes.


Sis Thembi is always shaking the table when it comes to Christianity discourse and the Ancestral world "the very same Bible you read has disciples who are also ancestors" and that's on Mary had a little lamb.

People that are saying Jesus is not an ancestor are actually right, for one to be an ancestor they first need to exist, cartoons and fictional characters don't become ancestors. Tsholofelo is saying Jesus Christ is an ancestor, Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, Jesus is not dead

"Ancestors are not a religion,you dont have to belief in them,you just have to acknowledge and respect them" -Thembi 

The problem here when the mother was alive she was living in the same conditions manje she doesn't want to come back to the same home as idlozi. If you really wanna connect with your ancestors on higher level remember the things they did the most during their lifetime in this world that’s the only way to connect with them #Dlozlami

Demons and evil spirits are having a field trip with black people all through the image of ancestors. Untill you accept Jesus Christ, these ancestors u keep worshipping are evil spirits and they will have their way with you.

Thembi schock the hell out of people on this one, fetching soil from the grave is how you bring idlozi into the house. There is also a reason why we wash our hands when we come back from the cemetery. Soil from the cemetery are said to enter the home.

The aunt is clearly the peace keeper in this family, that's why the mother is not as upset with her. She has to be the communicator in all of this #Dlozlami.

A happy ancestor is not hard to please, harsh or toxic, neglected and disrespected ancestors will give you the run around before they bless you. Because people learn the hard way.

People need to understand one thing once you live in the spiritual world you're an ancestor, christians can deny that as much as they want but it's the fact,all this people we're being told about on the bible they're ancestors.

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