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PRAYER: Lord, Please Remember And Bless My Thanksgiving And Sacrifices

"Remember all of your sacrifices, and accept your burnt offering" (Psalm 20:3).

In Psalm 20:1-3, the Psalmist expresses his gratitude to God by offering sacrifices, offerings, and burnt offerings in the Old Testament order. He is pleading with God not to forget such sacrifices when His people are in distress and seek His help and deliverance. To be sure, the Jews of the Old Testament had a lot to offer to God in order to maintain His favor. Before going to war, Israel usually reads Deuteronomy 20 and Psalm 20. Their military triumphs, both in history and in the present, are still a mystery to many people and governments.

People who are familiar with idol worship will readily agree that gods must be appeased with various sacrifices before people go to war, cultivate land, start a business, a career, or compete in sports such as wrestling. This demonstrates the nearly universal belief in offering sacrifices to deities in exchange for their assistance. We also understand how costly those sacrifices, including human lives, can be, although the end outcome may not be as intended. God is to be praised for rescuing us from such enslavement.

Sincere and quality offers of material items, praises, or both in thanksgiving to God will prompt Him to intervene against our adversaries. Apart from prayers, which seem to be the only weapon of war known to many of us, God wants thanksgiving, praises, and burnt offerings from His people. 2 Chronicles 20 tells the triumph and rescue that we can receive when we sing praises to God in times of hardship.

King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah had formed an alliance with about four nations. Instead of increasing his ammunition against the combined forces, Lehoshaphat organized a choir to sing as they went out against their enemies, which appears to be a very silly thing in the eyes of real rational beings. This was a thanksgiving sacrifice. As soon as the choir started singing. God began to confuse the combined armies, causing them to fight against one another and eventually murder themselves... When God remembers our praises and burnt offerings, it will be the same among all our spiritual and physical foes.

CONTROLLING THOUGHT: God remembers our sacrifices and offers of thanksgiving.

PRAYER: Lord, please remember and bless my thanksgiving and sacrifices. Amen.

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