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Do These Things Before you Pray and You Will See Your Life Changing Every Day

Why do many pray and get no results?

In addition to the improper logic for praying for what you are asking for in prayers or the incorrect prayer points, there are also protocols that must be followed BEFORE you pray. These must be done in the correct order. These tactics will cause you to get into a particular state of being in order to properly present yourself before God.

Without a shadow of a doubt, prayer is the remedy for almost all ills and the response to almost all questions that can be posed. Even if prayer cannot solve a problem, it can offer direction, clarity, and peace of mind, all of which can help lead to the appropriate answer, person, or support. Additionally, it is true that God hears and responds to our prayers.

To put it another way, the starting point is when one intentionally ascends to the throne of the Lord and stands in his presence. When we show up at the temple to pray, it is a sign that we acknowledge the reality of God in our lives. Because of this, wherever it is that we choose to pray will turn into a holy place and the hill of the Lord. It all boils down to the way we are feeling at the time.

Attitude is the key.

God is the God of protocols.

When you are in God's presence, you should not only be filled with love and fear, but also with a focused and focused thinking. It must feel as though God is right here with me at this very moment. He must be close by. Think about what you would say or how you would behave if Jesus were walking down the street with you, if he were in your bed with you, or if he were wherever else you are right now.

Let's go over the instructions given in verses 3-7 of Psalm 24.

Who will climb the hill that belongs to the Lord? Who would God choose to have the honor of standing in his holiest of places?

These are not questions in and of themselves; rather, they are questions that shed further light on the topic of whether a man or woman will climb up the hill of the Lord and whether a man or woman will remain in their holy place.

You should pray wherever you are, whether it be in the bathroom, on the toilet, or when you are driving. The most important thing, though, is that you get your head in the game before you have a conversation with the All-Mighty God.

However, certain prerequisites need to be satisfied before one can ascend and stand in God's presence.

According to Psalm 24, having clean hands is a prerequisite for entering the holy place that belongs to God. Our dealings with one another and the way we act are representative. Insofar as our bodies are concerned, it encompasses our entire bodies, which are symbolically represented by our hands. Our work involves the use of our hands.

Good heart

When we come face to face with God, the condition of our hearts is of the utmost importance. Praying is necessary, but having a pure heart is of even greater significance. There are moments when it could very well be your own ideas. You can't pray to God for him to rain down venom, hatred, hope, and hatred on you all at the same time. That is not an option for you.

An evil heart is an obstacle to prayer

The prayer of a righteous man is all that is necessary, according to the Bible. You will be able to act in a just manner if you adhere to the procedures that have been given so far. A pure heart means that one does not engage in dishonest behavior. It demonstrates that you are honest and true in your actions.


The way we conduct our life, the state of our being, reflects cleanliness. Is it God's will? Yes, it does, of course.

After that comes the reception:

The Bible teaches that you are then prepared to receive the Lord's blessing. Automatic since the procedure has been implemented. You will request something and receive so much in exchange.

Your reason for submitting prayer requests

Be inquisitive about the words you pronounce, especially before you pray. God is not enjoying himself. God is not enjoying himself. You cannot crack crude jokes or curse others while praying to God with the same mouth you use to sleep.

Examine Yourself - Confession of Sins

Therefore, do not wash your hands until you have prayed. Before you can begin to pray, you must first conduct a self-examination and reflect on how you have lived your life. This is the location where both confessions of sin and requests for forgiveness are made. Do not engage in conflict or pray until you have confessed your sins to God.

Recognize that you are not flawless, and ask God's forgiveness for your imperfections, even if you cannot recall them. Psalm 51 may be a good resource for helping you throughout this time of prayer preparation.

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