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Always cleanse your spirits before accepting them

Mostly people thinks that ancestors only our ancestral spirit when can also mean a possessing entity that may get its source from the Demonic spirits as well.

You always need to cleanse your spirits/ancestors before accepting them. Types of some of foreign spirit(s)

-There is a type of a Spirit that eats up everything in your life, it may be luck, wealth or relationships

-There is a type of a Spirit that is against fertility 

-There is a type of a Spirit that is always unhappy and want to cast unhappiness within the family. most are results of slavery

- ghost certain type Spirit that is awakened from the human grave to act as thee type of your blood ancestral spirit when its comes with messages similar to of your ancestors

There are lots of evil spirits that act like our ancestors, especially those we struggle to trace.many people suffer because of these spirits. 

Each and every person is governed by their ancestors spirits but it is important to know which one leads you.if your ancestors are weak, you might end up being led by evil spirits imitating your own.

it is very crucial to know which spirits you posses, those who rush to initiate might end up accepting evil spirits.

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