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Prophet Moses worry covid vaccine is 666

The prophet who said true israelites are africans , he preaches the gospel similar to Joshua maponga that Jesus is a black man.

The clergy once again complained about covid 19 vaccines, and says he had covid 19 himself but cured it.

Most people in his church have told our inspectors that the man of God indeed cured them.

The prophet is hated by many people in the surrounding area.

Not very much people are fond of him because, some claim he is evil .

Moses always said : i will only be hated because of the spirit in me .

His church claims the covid 19 vaccine is not tested.

He said however those who wanto get inoculated must .

But as for him he is not going to .

Vaccines have proven many times not to work as most people who inoculated still died from covid.

The prophet said that people are told to fear viruses more than God in heaven.

Some people criticise the prophet, but according to tbe bible this vaccine have traces of 666.

The story of satans agent

Some christians in the united states have rejected the vaccines.

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Joshua maponga Moses


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