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These are the signs that you have These are the signs that you have ancestors calling and what you have to do

Many of you have called me angrily, claiming you had terrible dreams in which giant snakes were chasing you. Some of you have asked how to determine if you have a calling. Some of you don't dream at all, but your life has turned upside down and you have lost everything. Marriage, money, friends, career, own cars, and health problems are concerns that people face. Everything is over now. And you keep having nightmares about tooth loss. 

 "It breaks my heart because I know what you're going through because I was there. I was about to be admitted to a mental institution in my case. I was completely transformed into my essence in just 6 years." Honestly, he believed that he was spiritually haunted or assaulted. Yes, I had suicidal thoughts and would have given up if it hadn't been for my son. "

" So I spent some time trying to figure out why my spiritual awakening was such a terrible and life-changing experience. And why is one for others a gradual and continuous process? Yes, you experience this ... YOUR THIRD EYE IS OPENED. This is what in Africa we call a disease. "

 Dreams of snakes, wild animals and bodies of water like rivers, oceans and lakes ... dreams of Indians and whites. (These are ascending gurus, like Bhuddha, who are never born again because they have fulfilled their final role in the earth) 

 A surge of electricity flows through your spine or throughout your body (tremors) 

 Visions of animals and beings that cannot exist in the world 

 Voices, high-pitched sounds or noise when listening to a radio out of tune 

 back and neck tension, headache, sensitivity to light and noise 

 the drums make you frantic and your body feels as if lightning had struck 

 the desire to be alone, there the crowds tire you or make you feel dizzy around people 

 An increased sex drive or decreased sex drive. 

 Thoughts of suicide ... depression ... but also complete peace and joy. 

 Overeating, poor appetite, and insomnia are symptoms of overeating. 

 Cannot concentrate, cannot keep track of long conversations, and is forgetful. 

 The longing to connect with a higher being, the supernatural or his ancestors, 

 You simply have the feeling that you must know something and you start asking yourself existential questions like: "Who am I?" What brings me here What should I do with my life? 

 Not to mention the impact on your relationships, your ability to work, and your overall quality of life. 

 We are all born with a universal energy that lies at the base of the spine or the root chakra (energy center), grows with us and is ready to awaken at the perfect moment. The Nguni in Africa call it * umndiki * (male energy) and not * amandawe * (female energy). stronger and more difficult to treat, since it is directly associated with the spirits of the water. 

 Due to the way it goes up the spine to the pineal or sixth chakra, placed on the forehead between the eyes to open the third eye so that you can see, hear and feel the cosmos, as it really is, has been compared to a snake. The people of the world have "eyes but cannot see" and "ears but cannot hear," according to the Christian Bible. 

 They discuss how the third eye, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment have yet to happen for most people. In this way, your mind is also trying to understand what is happening to your spine, which is why you are seeing images and dreams of snakes. All this nonsense about demons and Satan does not affect the situation. 

 So what gives life to your Kundalini energy? It can be a single factor or a combination of factors. You can wake up through deep meditation. A terrible event. Have you ever heard of people who had near death experiences and saw angels and ancestors tell them to come back? Indlondlo was pulled up and at that moment she opened her third eye for a heated minute. 

 Your spirit guides can sometimes put you in situations that would activate your Kundalini ... leading you to seek a sangoma so you can connect with them and I think they want you to be healed too. Finally, direct contact with someone who emits high vibrations could start the process. 

 We all have energy centers in our body that run from the lower spine through the spinal cord to the top of the skull. Chakras are the names of these energy centers. They also vibrate in harmony with the energy that permeates the living beings of the universe. For people to live happy, healthy, and rewarding lives, the energy from these centers must flow freely with the universe. 

 However, when your chakras are blocked, you will have physical, physiological, emotional and even mental problems. Even your happiness of being in the right place at the right time to seize this life-changing opportunity can be compromised because you are out of tune with the vibrations of the universe. 

 Have you ever wondered why they put a goat on your back when we do rituals? It represents your surrender to the energy of the serpent that resides in your spinal area that is in complete control of you. 

 It is a stressful time, if your ancestors allow it, let yourself be treated by a trained healer, either according to the African or Eastern tradition. I think a treatment that incorporates both traditions would be perfect. A normal life is never enough for you once you have traveled to the spirit world. So you decide, along with the wishes of your spirit guides, how to activate your spirit powers ... In my opinion, getting ahead on your own is the hardest thing you can do to yourself. Find someone who understands what is happening and can help you right away. 

 It is your responsibility to use your awakened self to discover your true calling. Even if they can see you only need alignment meds to get out, some sangomas would kill you. Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to stimulate your Kundalini energy, which will make the process easier and faster for you. 

 A strict diet can also help relieve pain by opening the chakras. If Eastern approaches aren't your thing, a few days with the right courage can help get your vibes going.


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