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Zimbabwean prophet bashed for taking chances with a married woman

The drive to grow his church has turned out to be a disguise for a Zimbabwean prophet who got a thorough hiding after attempting to be cosy with a married woman. 

According to an article in the tabloid Bmetro, Madzibaba Munana was praying for a woman who was the company of her husband identified as Lennox Mathe. The woman's name is Marrymore Ndlovu. 

Madzibaba Munana is well known for his healing prowess but he is not new to controversy. Some few years back he got himself entagled in a bitter war with a female congregant of his after he ordered her to play with his privates so that she could be healed. 

But in Lennox, he met his match. 

During the healing session, Madzibaba Munana startrd caressing the woman and touching her were only here husband is permitted to touch. 

This did not go down well with Lennox and he made it very clear and he walked up to the prophet and started beating him up. 

Madzibaba Munana, however, defended himself saying he was being led by the Holy Spirit to do what he did to Mathe’s wife in order to get rid of the evil spirits possessing her.

He said he has since filed an assault case at the police station. 


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Bmetro Lennox Madzibaba Munana Marrymore Ndlovu. Zimbabwean


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