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Where Is Your Faith?

I am trying to understand what kind of human beings are we, because we’re troubled by so many things. We are more like kids even obvious things makes us behave like little children.


Who does not know, that there is time to be born and time to die? Or who doesn’t know, that there is time to laugh and there is also time to cry? We all know these things, but I don’t know the person who cursed us, when we experience joy, we give him praise and shout his name for everyone to hear, but the moment we experience pain, we turn our backs on him, and start to call him names. Now he is no longer God, and to take it further in our minds we push this idea, that he no longer exist is like we did not know as much as we experience laughter we will also experience sadness, so I need to ask you this question;


Where is your faith? Why are you so troubled even though you knew before, that one day you will lose your child or your loved ones. Why do you behave like God did not tell you upfront?

Adam had only two sons whom he loved very much, but within a short space of time he lost them both, but there is nowhere in the Bible where Adam was cursing God, because he knew, that death will one day visit, so why are you so troubled? Where is your faith? Who created you?


Abraham he had a wife by the name of Sarah, and he loved her dearly. Sarah gave Abraham a son at his old age, and they called their son Isaac because God made them laugh like everyone else, and indeed Sarah died but believe me you will never find a scripture where Abraham was cursing God, so I need to ask you this, where is your faith? Didn't you knew that one day you will lose your loved ones? Who cursed you? Why do you behave like God did not tell you upfront, that death will surely come to pass?


Daniel was a human being just like you and me, and he suffered so much, but he never cursed God. He was thrown into the lions den, thrown into the fiery furnace of fire together with Meshach and Abednego, but they never cursed God instead they worshipped him more, but you, when you start experiencing problems you enjoy questioning God like the Israelites did in the wilderness.


Imagine Elizabeth who was barren but managed to have a son by the name of John. John grew and baptized people for repentance and remission of sins, working for God when he was arrested and his head was chopped off, and served on a platter, but there is no scripture where Elizabeth was cursing God and blaming him for the death of her son, but you on the other hand cursed God every single day for everything, that went wrong in your life.


Job I mean, I don’t know where to start with him, because the man suffered a lot. He lost his sons, he lost his wealth and to make things worse he was struck with a strange illness, but he refused to curse God. He obeyed and trusted him even when there was nothing to trust him for. If it was you, you would have cursed him countless times, but I wish to know, where is your faith?


God told us before, that we will surely die, so why are we behaving as if we don’t know what is going to happen?

Either I will die first or the people I love will die before me, God did not keep it a secret. He told us so why are we so angry with him because he also provided the solution which is follow Lord Jesus Christ, and all that you lost will be given back to you just like in the case of Job, because he has the power to raise us up. Where is your faith?


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Lord Jesus Christ is God


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