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Prayer: God sanctify your Church

"After these, there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem"John 5:1).

Corruption considered is defined as something that has been changed from its original form: a departure from the original or what is pure or correct. Today, we are saddened by the corruption of the sacred and holy institution called church, which is supposed to be the church of God and treated as such. (Matt 16: 18, Acts 20: 28, 1 Tim 3; 15). But now people treat the church as their own church, according to their standard, custom and traditions. Little wonder, the absence of the Holy Spirit Little wonder, the preponderance of men and women, businesses, indigenous doctors, religious charlatans and politicians in the sacred order. We have priests who occupy the chairs of today and distribute poison in the name of sermons.

People now see the Church as their own property and they eat all that is in it. Christian religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter have become periods of masquerade, drinking and sexual orgies, violence and all sensual activities among so-called Christians. There's no discipline for bad deeds in most churches They teach everything they want if he gets money because it's their own church. They count on members that attend their services and not those who will make heaven at last. What a dangerous corruption, the church of the people!

God wants the church to be treated like His (Eph. 5: 22-33). He bought it with the blood of His dear son, Jesus. He must be the Lord and leader of the church. The Church must submit to Him and do His will, teach, preach and practice the whole council of God of the Bible, serve salt and light to the world. When these take place, God will build, honor, love, glorify and empower His wife, the church, Unless we repent of our sins and receiver Jesus into our lives by faith, we cannot be members of God's church. Let us respect the church as the wife of the living God By God's authority, you blessed throughout this week in Jesus name.

Controlling Thought: The Church must be free from corruption.

Prayer: God sanctify your Church. Amen.

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