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Pastor Arrested For Selling ‘Heaven Ticket’ To Church Members For $500

The police have arrested a Zimbabwean pastor after he sold ‘tickets to heaven’ to his congregation at $500 according to person.

Reports claimed the person of God, recognized as Pastor Tito Wats, and his spouse requested believers to shop for the tickets due to the fact it'd supply them a unique get admission to to the gates of heaven.

Those who offered the price price tag have been hoping to fly to heaven and spend an awesome time with the Almighty God this weekend.

Pastor Tito couldn't close up his mouth whiles even in police custody.

He stated Jesus seemed to him and gave him the arguable tickets fabricated from 24-karat gold and for that count number he thinks his arrest is baseless.

‘I do now no longer care what human beings or the police are pronouncing approximately me, I am being persecuted due to doing the paintings of God.

‘Jesus Christ seemed to me and gave me the tickets fabricated from 24-karat gold in order that I can promote to those who need salvation’, he added.

Quite interesting, a phase of his congregation wishes the police to prevent persecuting the person of God.

Thousands of human beings protested his arrest pronouncing the Pastor ought to be freed as his non-stop detention might block their probabilities to heaven.

Police Investigations

The Pastor insisted that the tickets have been fabricated from stable gold and every price price tag reserved an area in heaven.

Police reviews but indicated that the tickets have been virtually fabricated from gold-covered timber with ‘Ticket to Heaven… Admit One’ written on them.

A reproduction of the intended declaration which Pastor Tito gave to police, says:

‘I don’t care what the police say. The tickets are stable gold… it ain’t split with the aid of using fours I spray painted gold. And it become Jesus who supply them to me in the back of the KFC and stated to promote them so I ought to get me a few cash to visit outer space.

I met an alien named Stevie who stated if I were given the coins collectively he’d take me and my spouse on his flying saucer to his planet that’s made totally of crack cocaine. You can smoke all of the crack cocaine there you need… definitely free. So, try and ship an harmless guy to prison and notice what happens.

You ought to arrest Jesus due to the fact he’s the only that gave me the golden tickets and stated to promote them. I’m inclined to put on a twine and set Jesus up’.


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