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The Word of God is alive and active

Source: Bible scriptures/ Opinion

Be strong and active

Meditate in dark days because in God there's no night.

Do not look at the left, right look forward.

Do not have anger when things are not right. Blessings are released where there is peace.

2 Corinthians 1:1

Paul was a messenger by the will of God. When you are a child of God, when the night comes, put the armor of God.

Revelations 19

We must hear from Heaven, hear the word of God.

When we say Hallelujah it increases the fire because you praise the Lord. When the praises goes up, His glory comes down.

The word is like a double edged sword, keep it in your heart, no one will take it away from you, it's a weapon.

If you obey His commandmends and share the Word with the lost souls, you shall see the manifestations of God's Glory in your life.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all shall be added.

We must grow in spirit, Heaven rejoices when one sinner repents.

We must come to God, not because of what He gives.

John 5: 14-15

James 5: 15

When you speak the Word, you must see the glory, and you shall testify.

When all is well you are a spirit man.

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Corinthians Paul


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