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There Is A Difference Between Family And Relatives

It's a blessing to search scriptures daily because if you don’t some verses will trouble your spirit, and you will begin to doubt the word of God. The Bible has the tendency of presenting two or even more statements which may be misinterpreted, and if you are not conversant with the word of God you might think the Bible contradicts itself.

Listen to this statement; You must honour your father and your mother for your days to be prolonged on the land that your God shall give you, and this statement is very clear no confusion in it.

Then what about this one; Any person who loves his father and mother more than God is not worthy of him, and also anyone who loves his son or daughter more than God is not worthy of him, even this statement is also clear.

How about this one; Jesus Christ when his mother and siblings were looking for him, the disciples told him, that his mother and siblings wants to talk to him, but Jesus Christ response was; Who are my mother and my siblings? He then pointed to the crowd surrounding him, that they were his mother and siblings because they are listening to the word of God, including this statement is clear as crystal.

Add also this one to the three; Love your neighbor with all your heart, mind and soul: so all these four statements when you are not conversant with the word of God they are clearly contradicting each other, but they are not.

Why not love your family with all your heart, mind and soul; but neighbor? From all these four statements can you pick up what was silently said? Why the Almighty God felt a need to hide the most important message in all these four statements?

Your brothers and your sisters are your blood relatives, and you are stressing yourself so much with them, but they are not assisting you like you were expecting. Strangers that you met on the road through church, work or school they are the ones who are by your side through thick and thin. They support you emotionally, physically and financially, but you are still hardening your heart to accept what your eyes are witnessing.

They behave more like your family and your mind struggle to comprehend this, but is the truth. In him we are one big family, and he adds us daily into his family.

Feel free to leave a comment, and if you want believe me, but it's your choice. Follow me, and come and learn to partake in the rest of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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