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"Witchcraft is real" -Mzansi reaction after spotting this on the tree : OPINION

"Witchcraft is real" -Mzansi reaction after spotting this on the tree

Although it is very rare nowadays, witchcraft still exists in Some parts of Africa especially in South Africa and Nigeria. However, future generations will never experience such things but they will get a chance to be told by their elders if they would be still alive.

Most of the people doesn't believe that witchcraft exist until it happens to them.

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According to some twitter members, this was done to either kill two children from a certain family with a car accident or stabbed with a knife. It doesn't make sense to other people but to people who have already seen it live with their eyes, it does. This is due to jealous of other family and wanting to stop them from being successful in life which is something one should not practice. Basically, the are African healers who are dedicated to to this kind of sacrifices, helping people to perform evil things because they were sent by evil spirits.

Sometimes it's not jealous but lifestyle. In order to survive longer, some people uses blood of young and fresh kids to gain more power and that is done through sangomas. Sometimes people are forced to kill one of their own related members in order to get rich. They pay certain people to do this for them.

Witchcraft is a traditional practice for other people. They don't do it internally but their "Dlozi" tells them to perform retuals in order to have something in return.

"Witchcraft my brother.Life is too spiritual to be independent. You cannot survive a day if you walk alone spiritually," says a twitter follower


Killing one another is a bad habit which should be prohibited and stopped in South Africa because it creates unnecessary hates and enemies among families. Even though your kid is not showing prosperity, don't use the anger to disadvantage others because it could haunt you until your last breath.


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