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Pastor who is on death row for murder of church member allegedly sends prayers to church service

Because of its founder's imprisonment 15 years ago for the murder of one of his members and the attempted murder of five others, the Christian Praying Assembly (CPA), founded by the now-incarcerated pastor Reverend King, is now a shell of its former self.

The church, which used to be noted for the large number of automobiles and attendants that used to be present on Sundays, has fallen from its previous glories and is no longer as prominent.

When a Punch News correspondent went to the church and was mistaken for a newcomer, he was able to reveal details about how Sunday service is currently held in the church, including prayers that were supposedly delivered from the pastor to the church's remaining members.

Following the brutal death of his church member Ann Uzoh, Reverend King became well-known throughout the media world. According to the findings of the investigation into the murder, Ann Uzoh and five other women were allegedly accused of adultery and assaulted with hard objects by the group's leader, according to the inquiry.

He then gathered them all together after severely beating them, poured fuel on them, and set them all on fire with a match. Five of the victims were able to escape the horrific death, but Ann Uzoh, who had suffered 65 percent-degree burns, died as a result of her injuries in the hospital.

Among the charges against him were the attempted murder of five individuals and the murder of Ann Uzoh, for which he received a 20-year sentence in prison.

Since then, Rev. King has been imprisoned and has even filed appeals with both an appellate court and the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

In his failure to present the generator that he claimed was responsible for the explosion that killed the victim, the court of appeal maintained the convictions.

He was described as an act straight out of a horror movie by the Justice who heard his case at the Supreme Court. His death warrant has not been signed because successive governors of Lagos, including Tinubu, Fashola, Ambode, and now SanwoOlu, have refused to sign it or pardon him for his crimes.

Everything appeared to be normal in the church, according to the Punch news correspondent who visited it, with the exception of a big number of empty seats, he reported. The preacher was still revered by the congregation, which appeared to be still adherents to his views.

After some time had passed, a preacher appeared and read a prayer note that he claimed had come directly from the GO himself. According to a Nigerian Correctional Officer who requested anonymity, convicts in jail are permitted to receive visitors.

This could indicate that the pastor was visited by church authorities, who were most likely in receipt of the prayers he offered. The death warrant for Reverend King has not been signed, and he has not been granted a pardon. That decision will be left to the discretion of the Lagos State government.


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