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When the flesh gets old the illnesses turns it into a play ground

According to WIKIPEDIA, Mangosuthu was born on the 27th of August 1928 he is a South African politician and zulu tribal leader who founded what became the (IFP) in 1975, and was chief minister of the Kwazulu until 1994. He was the minister of home affairs from 1994 to 2004. He is often referred to as Shenge which is part of the Buthelezi praises Buthelezi, a member of Zulu royalty, is also the Traditional prime minister of the Zulus. It is reported that the old man is not feeling well now it is the perfect time to celebrate all his contribution and life spent compromising for the country, he is a true soldier a very religious and God fearing tribalist we wish him well Amen

On facebook I saw a lot of bad comments about him those of you who say rest in peace in advance, remember that you also have elders who also have the same age you too will be on those years. Imagine hearing such words to you. God gives life to every human being he will die when God says it is time I say get well old man. Don't be a witch because witch is not the old men and wome you predict to be, it is the one with distroying words to others. What we all know is that when the flesh gets old, illnesses turns it into a play ground

I feel sorry for the King Buthelezi is the only person protecting him now, the vultures will be ready to pounce on the King if something happen to Buthelezi, I wish him speedy recovery. I know that people don't live forever and I might not be a fan of the Zulu king but the elderly should stop scaring us like this in and out of hospital. No man some of us don't like seeing such news God speed African King, please get well please you must reach 100 years now

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