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Always uplift your spiritual calling

I hope this will uplift or help you in some kinda way. Can you atleast everyday, for 20min be in your room with cellphones off anything disturbing off and let it be just you and your inner self. 

I know it's hard but it helps. 

I was once told that Spirituality and Church goes hand-to-hand but it doesn't. If you could just stop seeking spirituality in churches and teach it yourself most would be Spiritual Gods.

Somethings around you are crumbling and you may be that you donate alot or play a role in a certain charity events but things just crumble infront of you. 

The truth will set you free - what you really are will shift change. Let's stop focusing on what the pastor preaches to your spiritual well-being. Jesus was preaching spirituality not the church-gospel (Dont bite my head off). 

learn more about yourself before learning something that is preached to you

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