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Mentoring And Coaching The Next Generation

In order to fulfill a vow he made before entering the synagogue to preach the gospel while traveling from Syria to Cenchrea and Ephesus, Paul had his hair cut while on the road (Acts 18:18). Question: Are there any religious rites that we can observe in our churches so that we can blend in and mix freely with the people in order to preach Christ to them? Answer: There are some religious rites that we can observe in our churches so that we can fit in and mix freely with the people to preach Christ to them.

Sometimes we criticize certain practices of some churches when, in reality, we could ignore or participate in those practices if we were confident that they would not jeopardize our religious beliefs. His main goal was to convert everyone to Christianity, which is why he traveled from one city to the next, preaching and encouraging the brethren along the way. Paul's coworkers Aquila and Priscilla were not left out of the picture.

Despite the fact that they were not full-time missionaries, they made significant contributions to the discipleship of the brethren. I believe that this should serve as a challenge to Christian couples, who, despite their hectic work schedules, should carve out time to teach in Bible studies, prayer meetings, evangelism, attend evening fellowships, and engage in counseling of younger Christians, newlywed couples, and young people starting out in their careers.

Appolos' zeal is commendable, and it is something that is needed among young Christians today. However, we require mature brethren in the mold of Aquilla and Pricilla, who will step up to the plate and take on the responsibility of nurturing, taming, and discipling young Christians. The fact that someone has been called by God does not imply that he or she is a flawless preacher.

That is why we should not have a dearth of older and more mature Christians in our fellowship meetings, so that they can deal with incorrect or immature teachings in our congregations when they arise.

In addition, we must be teachable and never assume that we know everything. In submission to the correction and discipleship of a mature Christian couple, Apollos improved, and when he left them, his performance improved. We must not allow the slogan "anointing" or our theological training to prevent us from yielding to genuine correction.

Who has been your mentor, and who have you been a mentor to?

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