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Spiritually gifted lady explain why you need to add R1 coin into your bath water during bath time


Spirituality is everything even though some people try to walk away from the truth, because of the wrong information they got from fake pastors who tell people that practicing African ways is witchcraft. Well a young woman who is gifted shared a video about the importance of cleansing.

She gave out a combo that people need to try in order to attract positivity in their lives. " Buy a bottle of Coke and pour it into your bath tub" she said. Then take silver coins two or more then cleanse yourself with the mixture, do not forget coins should be inside the water. Lady revealed that this ritual can be practiced by people who have difficulty growing, and those who need Spiritual healing. Whether financially or in business, because people do whatever they can to block our success.

To avoid being attacked by enemies you do not see, never shy away from practicing your culture. Self cleansing is the only way to chase away unwanted energies in your life. All that it takes is belief and prayer those two go hand in hand expect when you bewitch people. All you do is pray and ask for whatever you want to achieve dip this for seven days.

For a clearer understanding please follow the link above to watch the video.

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