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Say these Prayer Points To Our Heavenly Father For Good Health

There are times when diseases would affect a child of God. However, we should learn how to pray for good health and against illnesses that could infect us.

Asking our heavenly Father for good health is a prayer point that you should include in your daily prayer sessions.

Join me and say these prayer points to our heavenly Father for good health;

1) Father Lord in heaven, I pray that you give me good health in Jesus' name, amen. Diseases will not come near my household.

2) Heavenly Father, I pray that you restore any part of my body that is experiencing pain at the moment. I pray for the full revitalization of my body system and may the healing process be accelerated in Jesus' name, amen.

If you prayed with these prayer points, kindly go to the comments section below and type "amen". Follow me for more prayer points and remain blessed.

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