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PRAYER: Lord, Let My Life Be A Pleasing Aroma To You

Do you realize that God finds your life to be a sweet fragrance? Consider the impact a lovely scent has on you. When the flowers bloom in the spring in the United States, everything typically feels brand new. You can tell that the flowers are new and vibrant because of the lovely perfume in the air. It grabs your interest. It entices you to inhale deeply of the fragrant sweetness.

God has the same sentiments about you. When you are living your life to please Him, you are emitting a lovely fragrance that draws His attention. He loves wonderful aromas. The scent of your life is a sign that Christ is alive in you, and it is acceptable to the Heavenly Father, just as the aroma of springtime signals the vitality of the flowers. Remember that your life is a fragrance to God the next time you smell anything new. You can rely on the fact that He appreciates hearts that seek Him. You will continue to be that pleasant scent as you seek Him out, and you will feel His amazing hand of blessing on every aspect of your life.

The apostle Paul exhorts us today to live in such a way that the results of our choices and deeds will ascend to the Lord like a beautiful fragrance, so that our neighbors will also enjoy the delightful perfume.

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