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Very sad| Prayers pours in for the pastor Mukhuba as she appears in court in Friday



It has been months since chaos erupted in one of the most respected churches in Soweto we're Mukhuba is ministering onto throughout this year's, where she leads hundreds of congregants who attend her church during this difficult times of the Covid19 pandemic.

This comes after the police came onto this ministry and started to cause havoc in the church where they beat many people who attended that church on that Sunday, and this has been causing many problems in many churches of why did the police beat innocent Christians.

The Pastor will appear before the magistrate court today to have her say about what has happened in her church where she was arrested by the police officials who didn't want to interact with her well, because of the certain protocols that were supposed to be followed.

Rumors are that angry neighbors are the ones that called the police that day due to the noise that the church members were making when they were singing, which has caused them to come to that place where they didn't ask questions but to fight with the church members.

But questions were asked that day of why people contact the police due to the noise because these things are always happening every Sunday, and they didn't complain about this before and now they want the police to best the people who came to church to worship God.

Lockdown restrictions might be something that people can talk about because the numbers of people who attended that event were higher than, what the president has implemented when he said that several 50-250 a the correct number of people that must attend a gathering.

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