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Should do before going out for blessings on yourself

Should do before going out for blessings on yourself.

Take a cup of water and recite this worship before pouring something in front of house door and anyone can see it.

After that, simply say the prayer below.

In the name of Jesus, Father, make myself a signal in my age.

In Jesus' name, give me the ability to do great things in service.

My Father, come into my life now with Your signs and miracles!

As the sun rises, so does

Make my life shine, O God of Israel, even if my foes cast a spell on me or say nasty things about me, and bring them to shame in Jesus' name.

Come into my daily life, God of marvels! In the presence of Jesus, may the ones knows presence of God be unleashed on my problems for miracles and marvels to manifest.

Edition In Jesus' name, I reject to be stymied in the spiritual, flame of God, drench me in your fire.

I had offended onto you and my beloved one in thinking, word, and deed, and I have no right to contact you, but have compassion on me in Jesus' name, Hallelujah.

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