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PRAYER: Help me make time each day to spend with you in the company of my family

"There is really only one thing that is worth being concerned about," says the author.

It has been discovered by Mary, and I will not take it away from her (Luke 10:42)

In these difficult economic times, family life is fast becoming a thing of the past; nevertheless, this should not be the case. God desires for family life to be characterized by daily communion, among other things, and to be consistent in this regard. It is essential that each home be able to gather together at least once a day for family devotion. In order to ensure that we have a very profitable year, one of the priorities we need to address is the scheduling of time for the team members.

The spiritual upliftment of the entire family is a top priority. Many people these days let household tasks and work appointments to interfere with their devotional time with their families. Having her house ready for the guests who would be staying at her house that night was more important to Martha than anything else in the world. She decided to spend her time preparing her meal rather than listening to what Jesus had to say.

Jesus gently reminded her that the concerns of this world were insignificant in comparison to the concerns of everlasting life. It is easy to become like Martha and lose sight of the fact that our highest goal should be to listen to God. In spite of the fact that family life is busy with events and activities, we must set aside a daily period of time when all members of the family will gather at the family altar to hear the word of God read, pray, make plans for the day, or evaluate the day's activities. Some members of our family's spiritual well-being will be jeopardized if we do not put family devotion over other priorities.

MANAGEMENT OF ONE'S THOUGHTS: The family that prays together is more likely to stay together.

PRAYER: I beg you, Lord, to help me make time each day to spend with you in the company of my family members.

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