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6 important Signs That Your God And Ancestors Have Chosen You -Beliefs

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Human beings unlike animals are spiritual beings. There are people who are ordained by the higher to perform a certain task on Earth. The unfortunate reality is that many people ignore these callings and suffer the consequences. In this article, I will share with you some of the signs that God/ ancestors haven chosen you.

If you have this, then God/ Ancestors have chosen you for His/ their kingdom.

1. You have opened your third eye naturally. This refers to your spiritual eye, which enables you to see and perceive beyond normal physical eyes. With the third eye open, you will be able to see through all the lies and misunderstandings on the planet. It is the gift of God that enables you to hear, smell and feel what is about to happen. When your third eye is open, use it only for God's purpose.

2. Normal life is boring. No more interest in the physical world. You just realized that the only everlasting life is what you need.

3. We are immortal beings who continue to incarnate on earth, you have also realized that death is a transition from one way of life to another. As you go about your daily activities, you will arrive at a place that you seem to have been before. You know some people, it seems that they have met you before. That means they were together in the past life. Life before this birth.

5. Have compassion for all life forms. You know that there is no separation between us and other life on the planet. We are made of the same energy and consciousness.

6.Freedom. The final sign is to realize that it is your birthright to be free. You will begin to free your mind from the mental chains of other people's misconceptions. The only truth is within you, and the truth outside is an illusion.

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