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Easy to tell signs that you have a calling to be a sangoma (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

A lot of people tend to ignore dreams as they don't really understand what they mean. The minute you start to see that your dreams are coming to reality it is a first sign that you have visions. This means that you need to start looking into your dreams and learn to interpret them.

It is not easy to admit but when you dream something and happen to remember it the exact same way. This could be one of the reasons you need to watch out for your dreams. It is understandable that dreams are dreams but some people dream differently. They can see what is coming or what has happened.

To avoid missing out when ancestors are trying to communicate with you. Learn to watch your dreams and teach yourself meanings behind your dreams or visions. Secondly watch out if you dreaming of your late relatives or old people you haven't met before. Those people you don't know are your ancestors.

Most times people who have callings happen to be told their problems by strangers. When someone comes to you and publicly tell you about your life. It is not something to ignore, that person is sent to speak to you after whatever they tell you you will notice that something is different about you.

People with ancestral calling tend can easily spot each other without having beads. That is why they approach you and tell you something. Without giving you a clear indication about what they mean. They would rather tell you to go visit someone for help, beware that is a sign you needed to confirm your calling.


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