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24 Elders In The Bible, Do You Know Who They Are? See What You Must Know As A Christian

In the Christian Bible's Book of Revelation, there are twenty-four Elders. The vision was described by Saint John as a sea of glass like crystal all around the throne.

"Surrounding the throne were twenty-four additional thrones, and sat on them were twenty-four elders, clad in white and wearing gold crowns on their heads," the holy bible says in Revelation 4.4.

Many Christians are still perplexed as to who the 24 elders in Revelation are. The identity of the 24 elders in Revelation is a subject of significant debate. They are sat on thrones, adorned in white robes and crowns, as you can see. One thing you notice about these elders, whatever they are, is that they are continually entering into worship.

According to Revelation Chapter 4 Verse 9-10. "Whenever the living beings give glory, respect, and gratitude to him who takes the throne and lives for ever and ever,” the 24 elders descend around him who sits on the throne and adore him who reigns forevermore.

However, who are these 24 elders in Revelation, and what do they represent, if anything?

Important Information we need to know;

The word "Elder" implies "representative head of a city, family, tribe, or nation" in the majority of locations where it is used in the Bible, hence the "24 Elders" represent the redeemed human race. The number twenty-four refers to the number of Priestly Courses listed in 1 Chronicles 24:1-19. When David divided the Priests into "Courses," he discovered that there were 24 heads of priestly families, which he designated as the healthy priesthood.

The "Elders" symbolize both Old and New Testament saints, with the 12 Tribes of Israel representing the Old Testament saints and the Twelve Apostles of the Lamb representing the Christian Bible saints, totaling 24 symbolic characters.

Because this interpretation is somewhat challenging, John's appearance in the scene as himself and in dialogue with one of the 24 elders causes some double counting.

The 12 Foundation Stones are named after the 12 Apostles of the Lamb, while the 12 Gates are named after the 12 Tribes of Israel, highlighting this distinction.

Furthermore, the 24 Elders could allude to the paradoxical 24 heavenly prototypes that are divided in half as 12 and 12 archetypes, with each bearing the dual halves of an archetypal element in pairs of two. Rev. 21:10-14 is a passage from the book of Revelation.

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