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OPINION| Satan is Only Defeated When Our Sins Are Foreign

If forgiveness was not continual after being born again, no Christian who live longer would go to Heaven, repenting everytime you sin mean to defeat Satan everytime. Forgiveness of sins does not start and end when we first repent but it is continues as a provision made available, to born again to maintain and to keep them pure for entire period of our earthly life (1st John 2:1 Revelation 7:14, 1st John 3:3) . 

Take note that there is a difference between living in sin and slip and falling in sin. It is like the difference in living in the mud and falling in it. Paul in Romans 6:1-2 explained this provision is not for those who live in sin but for those who repent and leave sin. That is how Christ defeat Satan. Satan wait for a born again Christian to sin in order to claim him/her as his. The Bible give us example that he tried to claim Moses after God said you also not going to enter Canaan because of if what you did. It look like Satan thought God mean that He will send Moses to Hell for that. 

God refused to give Moses's body to Satan. As result He even insulted angel of God in that dispute over the body of Moses(Jude 1:9). Satan was defeated by power of forgiveness. However he get defeated if we repent and forgiven. That say Satan may have won if Moses did not repent. That is a point Paul is making to the church at Corinth about forgiving and restoring someone who committed a shameful sin and the church distanced itself from him. Without forgiveness Satan would defeat us(Corinth 2:8-11). We defeat Satan only if we repent everytime when we sin. We are sustained by forgiveness since we are not perfect

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