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Divorce Affair

According to the bible the following people wont see heaven

Even the Bible, according to some, is contradictory; it will direct you to do certain things, only to later advise you that doing what you were previously directed to do is actually a sin, and so on. In reality, this is not the case; understanding the book of faith, as well as a willingness to not take everything it contains literally, but rather seriously - once again, with understanding - is required.

After carefully studying the black book, you will discover that the individuals listed below will not be permitted to enter the kingdom of heaven.

• Those who had slept with a woman while on a date were excluded from the study.

• Those who have committed adultery in the past.

• Lesbians and gay men are included.

• Take, for example, lesbians.

• As a result of the divorce, a marriage was formed.

• The civil wedding ceremony took place.

• Those who disseminate false information about other individuals.

Women who become pregnant before getting married are particularly vulnerable to this.

• Those who had sexual relations with another person before getting married.

• Those who use contraceptive methods in order to avoid becoming pregnant.

• Those who consult with witches for guidance.

Furthermore, it does not stop there, either. Many of the practices that we engage in today are in direct conflict with the teachings of the Bible. The list could go on indefinitely. The following are examples of items that are included on the list:

• Those who carve idols and erect statues and monuments to their gods, as well as those who worship them.

• Individuals who identify as transgender in some way.

• Families in which only one parent is present.

Some individuals do not believe that children exist.

• Those who are involved in the practice of sorcery.

• Those who partake in gambling activities.

• Those who use profanity in their speech.

• Those who deceive and cause others to deceive them.

• Those who are involved in murder.

• Those who are looking for retribution.

• Those who are antagonistic.

• Individuals who engage in sexual relations for reasons other than reproduction.

Anyone who trims the edges of their beard is setting a poor example.

• Those who have tattoos on their bodies or have them removed.

• Those who do not take a stand against the established order.

The Bible, despite all of this, promises that those who repent will be forgiven and will be given a place in God's presence. We live in a world that is filled with sinners, and it is difficult to live a life that is free of the presence of sin. God, on the other hand, will forgive us if we make an effort to limit our sins, confess our sins to the Lord our God, and sincerely apologize for our sins, just as He has forgiven us numerous times in the past. If you pray to the Almighty God and make a commitment to Him, you will be forgiven your sins.

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