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Meet Church Members spotted Worshipping A Dead Goat On This Video; End Times

We know that pastors have disappointed the people and lots of people have lost faith but should this be reason enough to insult God like this. The cross that Jesus was crucified now Carries a dead goat, what's that.

They would have worshipped their goat if that's their religion but why put it on the cross.

Is now a goat replacing Jesus, what are the divine powers it possesses? Let alone to think the goat is dead and opened in front of people

These are end times indeed, blasphemy is still going to rise against the living God, oh Jesus.

See How Church Members Were Caught Worshipping A Dead Goat On The Cross Church members were filmed bowing to a goat nailed on a cross in a religious gathering in Malawi.

In the video, the members are seen screaming and praying as they bow to the goat. The goat had been killed and cut open before it was nailed, with the inside of the goat on display.

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