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In Every Worship Of God; Avoid Worldliness

"God is a Spirit, and those who worship him must do so in spirit and truth"John 4:24.

To fulfill their pride and appetites, men indulge in all types of fleshly pleasure in the world. They revere their stomachs and their money. In the church, worldliness has now taken a place. Those who attend church do not have God at the forefront of their minds. To satisfy the worshippers' passions, many worldly activities have been included into worship.

The tracks are inspired by and contain worldly styles. The music serves the flesh by bringing wild kinds of sinful dance into the worship session to demonstrate the pleasures of the body. The musicians are not Christians and dress in the manner of worldly musicians. Their worship isn't directed towards God.

The sermons preached encourage laughter and physical emotions, yet they are unable to convert anyone. Under such conditions, souls cannot be transformed. True believers must repent and refrain from using worldliness in their worship. To accept God's life and blessing, holiness in worship is essential.

Ministers in the church engage in a variety of activities and styles that are imported from the sinful world. They are not only corrupt, but they also produce corrupt Christian ministry fruit. They encourage people in ministry to appreciate one another. They are involved with worldly attire, demonstrations, and slangs, among other things. For self-propagation, they fabricate lies and give false testimony.

They invite worldly big guys into the church to be honored and praised. They take money from members in unethical ways. Without repentance, righteousness, or holiness, they preach a gospel of peace and wealth.

They take pleasure in women's nakedness in church and use scripture to excuse it. They engage in sexual immorality with church women and demand large tithes to feed their bellies.

Today, this type of service may be found almost anywhere. They have not been called by God and are unable to bear fruit that will lead to eternal life. Do not pay attention to them. Don't expect miracles or cures from them. True gospel preachers are individuals who live exemplary lives while being obedient to God's word.

They bring the world and the church the gospel of eternal life. Seek them out and their work. Listen to them and submit to their shepherding for your earthly well-being and, eventually, everlasting life. Your eternal destiny may be determined by where you associate.

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