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Seek your Spirituality through channels

I know most people in here are still trying to connect with the Spirituality-being. There's this thing called Monotheistic. It's believing in one God. 

Some seek spirituality through channels like go pray (towards their ancestors) and they feel like nothing is working.

There's a thing called 5% nation teachings. This is were you explore some other teachings like Islam, Bhuddism, Christianity and etc. You have to find comfort of which you see beyond through a certain channel. 

I sat down once with a Rastafarian, i got inspired that those people don't worry about tomorrow. Their faith is on another level. I sat down with a Muslim believe me i never seen people that invite God in whatever their doing. 

If a certain channel don't work for you try the others. Most of you are foreign spirit yet fear going to the river. If you feel like communicating with your ancestors doesn't work for you. Try something else that'll ease your fear of everything. 

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