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PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Forget My Past So I Can Face The Future

People often misunderstand what it means to truly let the past go. For example, in one sense, the expression "That which is forgotten is disregarded or ignored on purpose. In order to go on, you must actively choose to forget your past. Everything we've experienced, good and bad, can prevent us from moving forward into greater glory if we let it. God wants to take us to greater heights, but we can't reach them if we cling to the past.

Put the past in the past and go on with your life. To let it go is a demonstration of your trust. Put all your effort towards making progress. Put your faith in God for greater degrees of success, tranquility, and His favor. Have faith that He is scheming on your side behind the scenes. If you can put the past in the past and keep moving forward, you'll experience the fullness of life that God has promised you.

Consider the following advice as you move forward: "Release, let go, and start over! That was yesterday. There's absolutely no way to bring it back at this point. You can't; you should have intervened. There is just so much you can DO. Refresh your spirit. Stop clinging too much. New beginnings can be found with the dawn of today. I pray, in the name of Jesus, that Steve Maraboll's words would serve as a beacon on your journey.

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