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OPINION| Do Pastors Believe in Miracles ?

Dear Pastors who believe miracles are still existing. To help others to understand, let us not call it miracles but let us call it "SIGNS"to witness the presence and approval of God. The word signs was first used by God describing miracles Moses was to perform to convince confirm to Pharoah, that indeed Moses message is from living God in order to release Israelites from slavery. This word was used for the 1st time in Exodus 4:9 describing miracles. That say miracles stopped for sometimes after doing its job. 

After signs(miracles) of Egypt God refused to keep on repeating miracles to Israel because they already fulfilled the purpose of introducing Him, as Almighty God (Numbers 14:11). According to God there was no need to keep on introducing himself to Israel since themselves saw those signs/miracles in Egypt. If you carefully ready the purpose of signs in Exodus 4 you will understand that miracles were needed to confirm/ witness that truly it is God who sent Moses to Pharaoh. It was not a show off or something to brag about

Let us come to famous verse of people who think. miracles can be performed by anyone in our time. That is Mark 16:17. This is one of the three verses which make people believe they also can perform miracles and end up tricking people with false miracles. It says: "And these signs will accompany them that believe: in my name shall they cast out demons; they shall speak with new tongues

Again Holy Spirit through John apostle explained the reason of miracles/signs in John 20:30. The reason remain the same as to Moses to Pharaoh, It was to confirm the gospel preached by apostles as true word of God. This (Acts 14:3) verse is making it much more clearer in case you missed it in above verses. God)/Christ witnessed the WORD they were preaching by giving them miracles. Note that God saw the need to confirm preached gospel in that people

Believers converted by apostles were given 9 spiritually gifts after baptism by laying hands of apostles. Only apostles appointed by Christ had authority to give other Christians power to perform miracles (Acts 8:14-18). Others church members who got power to perform miracles through laying hands of apostles did not have power to give others power to perform miracles. That mean after the death of that apostles miracles would be stopped.

God announced that when complete word of God is revealed miracles will stop (1Corinthians 13:8-12) The 9 spiritual gift Bible is talking about were given provisionally before the Bible/word of God is completed delivered through apostles. Jesus said the whole truth will be delivered completely during apostle era(John 16:13). Spiritually gifts like speaking in tongues prophesying, performing miracles were not to continue after the Bible is completed

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