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Divorce Affair

Church Prayer Service For Husbands To Stop Cheating, Causing A Stir On Social Media

Prayers For Husbands Against Side Chicks. A video, circulating on social media of a church service where women were praying for their husbands not to cheat on them. The service is only attended by couples and men are sitting down on chairs, while their wives are standing in front of them, placing their hands on their husband's heads.

The pastor on the pulpit is praying while everyone is in this position.

People on social media thought this was a joke because men cheat willingly and no spirituality makes them create what will need prayer interventions. They said that those people will get out of the church, and go straight to cheating as if they were not just prayed upon.

One person wrote that side chicks also go to church to pray upon being blessed with a man who will live them. If she was attending the same ministry she would lead a service for the side chicks

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