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A month ago I saw Jesus Christ through a premonition and he did this for me (OPINION)

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth never forsakes his people. When we kneel down and pray he hears every single word we utter, and he also responds, not instantly but when the time is right. The non-believers will tell you that Jesus Christ of Narazeth will respond you when you are dead because he always takes a century to answer our calls. This is not even true at all and many of us can attest to that. When we were caught between a rock and a hard place he miraculously made a way.

Back then a large number of people used to mock me because I was jobless yet I went to church on every Sunday. The previous relationships I had also did not last for long. The truth is that the awful talks I used to hear in the neighborhoods nearly made me relinquish going to church and praying to the omniscient God.

At times I had to sleep on an empty stomach because there was no food at home. The people who were there for me through thick and thin were my parents, but they were involved in a calamitous car accident on the N1 road two years back and died on the scene. My life has been full of ups and downs ever since, but I never stopped praying and worshipping God for I knew that one day he would replace my sorrows with everlasting joy. He is the King of kings.

A month ago I had a dream in which I had a face-to-face chat with Jesus Christ. In that dream he said these precise words, "lo and behond! You are now a free man. I have fulfilled everything you ever longed for in life. Go on and spread your wings for you are a free man".

It did not make sense at all until I received a call from FNB personnel department asking me to come to an interview for the managerial position I applied for the previous month. The call was just for an interview arrangement, but I cried tears of joy for I knew that God was still with me.

God never left me. I am now a manager at one of the FNB branches in Gauteng.

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