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Is There Such A Thing As A Microwave Christian?

"However, let patience do her perfect work, that ye may be full and complete, needing nothing." James 1:4.

Impatience is the younger sister of doubt, because someone who is impatient may not be able to work according to God's schedule. Impatience might cause a person to mistrust the Ever Faithful God's honesty. Impatience is a tactic used by the adversary to implant doubt in the hearts of believers, to the point that some begin to doubt God's infallible word. “But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be complete and whole, needing nothing,” James 1:4.

There are numerous advantages to being patient. In James 1:4, for example, the Holy Spirit shows that a patient person will have nothing lacking. To the carnal mind, this may appear silly, but it is the truth of God's word. The carnal mind is manipulated into believing that by being impatient, more can be accomplished and amassed, yet this is a devilish falsehood.

Impatience nearly ruined Mary and Martha's faith in John 11:18-26. In reality, they indirectly accused Jesus of their brother's death because He arrived at a time when they thought it was too late, after receiving their telegram informing Him of Lazarus' illness. “Then replied Martha to Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been present, my brother would not have died,” according to John 11:21.

What a damning statement! They questioned the extent to which Jesus truly loved their family as a result of this remark. This explains why, in John 11:35, Jesus grieved after Mary reiterated the same allegation (John 11:32). Being a "microwave Christian," who expects things to happen when you feel they must, is perilous. A microwave Christian is like a newborn who cries and reacts to anything that makes them uncomfortable.

In 1 Corinthians 3:1-2, the Holy Spirit depicts the status of such Christians. When the promotion they believe they are owed from the church officials is not forthcoming, some brethren feel upset and decide to leave the church. Others feel abused when they are transferred from their comfortable station, and in some cases resort to blackmail. Some even assign God a deadline by which a miracle must occur, or they will cease to serve Him.

All of these examples may appear incredible, yet they are based on genuine events. It is time, beloved, to move on from the stage of infancy. Good anticipates you becoming a bone cracker rather than a meat eater. In Jesus' name, may the Lord cause you to grow.

Father, please help me to grow in patience and to be faithful to You to the end, in Jesus' name.

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