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[OPINION] Mix these things to see your enemies in dreams and to find Job fast.

There are people who believe that they have bad lucks because they are struggling in life and some of them are not employed and they are struggling to find jobs. We know very well that we all have enemies and our enemies don't want to see us succeeding in life.

People went to traditional healers and pastors and they lost lot of money by going to those traditional healers and pastor because they were hoping to get help and chase all their enemies. There are many ways to chase all your enemies and bad lucks without even spending a lot of money.

To see all your enemies in dreams and all they are doing to you then you must use this mixture.

Boil half litre of stoney (cold drink) and mix it with Madubula or Jeyes Fluid with Corse salt and put that mixture under your bed before you sleep, then light one candle and ask God to help you see all your enemies, then you will see them but be patient because it can't take a minimum of 3 days before seeing those enemies. BUT DON'T DRINK THE MIXTURE.

To find a job the take all your CV copies and put them in your copy saver and put corse salt inside your CVs for 1 night then light two white candles near your CV copies from 00:00 until 06:00, then take your CVs where you want to work.

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