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Opinion| Why Did Jesus Never Mentioned About Muhammad In The Bible?

Evendo Islam claim is the best religion in the world. As people we always wonder why Jesus never prophecied about Muhammad as the best prophet who will come after his death and resurrection. From Matthew to Revelation. There is no Muhammad but today we see people being killed just for making a cartoon of some one never found in the Bible or important prophecy about him. Jesus's Christians in the Bible were teaching the good news only unto people who were preaching Idols. Also Jesus taught the truth only to Pharisees and tax collectors like Nicodemus.

In the book of Acts we see the apostles of Jesus preaching good news to many different groups. There are Jews, Samaritans, Roman and Jewish rulers, magicians, philosophers, idol worshippers, plus followers of Zeus, Artemis, and John the Baptist—but no Muslims. There is an obvious reason for this: Islam did not appear until about 600 years after Jesus. Therefore, when you read the New Testament the subject of Islam and the person of Muhammad are never mentioned. Instead Jesus does warn generally about false prophets in Matthew 7:15-16 and 24:24-25). But Muhammad and Islam he never talked about or Foretold about the coming of Islam.

Muhammad came around centuries after Christ in 571 CE.Jesus Christ’s died and was raised in 33CE. So unless Jesus gave a prophecy about him then he would not have mentioned Muhammad, and that would not have been likely since his prophecies revolved around his own death and resurrection, as well as the future of the Jews and Israel. If you read the Bible very well every prophecy the Bible foretold is happening today. The Muslim claim that one time one day they will rule this world. Islam will be practiced by every Individual. But it's surprising also why Jesus Christ never touched the topic. Yet the incident will be one of the greatest since mankind was born.

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