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Use incense to connect with your ancestors

When connecting with the ancestors the incense is burnt and snuff sprinkled around the consulting room. This is some kind of an offer for ancestors to smoke and communicate with the one that has the ancestral powers or gifts.

It's often said that when your ancestors ain't happy, your things won't succeed or you'll struggle in life. That is why in most families once in a while they'll slaughter cows or chickens to appease their ancestors.

Now, you can add snuff in your bathing water and bathe. This is done to keep the communication and connection alive with your ancestors. Ancestors are needed to protect from evil or anything that can harm you.

If your connection with your ancestors is strong, no one will ever harm you. Also the good things will happen for you. This will unlock fortunes and success. Everything you touch will succeed.

It will also leave your body feeling relaxed, purified and rested. Whenever you can't back from work tired and feeling knots in your body this bath is your go to.

Do this bath for 2 days in a row, while bathing ask your ancestors for guidelines, ask them to remove all your struggles aways and lighten your way. Not everything needs herbs just seek to your ancestors they'll will always make away for you.

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