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Importance of using incense as spiritual gifted person

Did you know that incense .it’s not only for yourcommunication between you and your ancestors?☺️

Please good people acknowledge using it on your daily basis. To get great results in your spiritual gift journey. Use it always. But also normalizes to abstain from sex and be clean when using it.

1.cleanses bad spirit in the house when burnt make sure you open windows and doors to allow fresh energy while you speaking to it...going corner to corner with it.

2.You can boil it and drink it as a tea(not encouraging sugar)

-To help with clarity via dreams 


-cleanses the body 


3.most of the time normalizes steaming it for great results and your cleansing in your body and steam with it -for dreams (remembering).

-always connected with your ancestors. 

-cleanses spirits.


4.To bath with it (you can boil it and pour in your 2litre bottle)Then you pour half cup in your bath water.The incense helps with so many things just try using it for one benefit above and see results.

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