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A Muslim woman becomes a Christian, and the reasons for her conversion will astound you.

Bassma Jaballah, like the rest of her family, was born in Tunisia and raised as a Muslim. When the young lady was in college, she was studying the country's transition from Christianity to Islam when she began to think about other religions.

Tunisia was founded as a Christian country, but when Islam spread throughout western Saudi Arabia, it was taken over by a powerful Arab military force.

Bassma began reading the Bible to learn more about the differences between how Jesus treated women and how Islam handled women while examining the progress of religion in Tunisia. Despite the fact that the Quran portrays women as inferior, the Bible records Christ praising them.

She told 100 Huntley Street, "I felt like I didn't fit in with Islam as a girl." All of the young college understudy's Islamic logic, which she had believed in since puberty, ended up self-destructing due to the power of the Word of God.

In Jesus, I'm seeking joy and freedom.

I didn't realize I wasn't a Muslim anymore once I converted to Christianity. She explained, "I just realized I was following Jesus." " As soon as I realized how happy I was, I told everyone everywhere."

Bassma's Muslim family disapproved of her conversion to Christianity and severed ties with her. Despite this, the young lady maintained her faith in Christ and went on to volunteer with Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), a Canadian organization that assists abused Christians all over the world.

Bassma works as a Missiologist and Director of Leadership Development at VOM, where she communicates the Gospel with many ladies throughout the Islamic world via the internet and helps them deal with abuse as they become Christians.

" In North Africa and the Middle East, the Church is growing, and it is actually flourishing. Every day, a large number of people come to faith in Jesus Christ, despite the dangers. "The news from this part of the world empower us and give us hope," the former Muslim told Mission Network News.

Bassma's family has now accepted her and accommodated her. "They understand I did this out my conviction," the Christian observed.


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