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12 Facts about Moses & Elijah that suggest they're same person

12 Facts about Moses & Elijah that suggest they're same person

Bible commentators have different opinions about the persons of Moses and Elijah particularly their presence with Jesus on the Mount of transfiguration. For instance, Christian writer- Campbell Morgan argues that, the presence of Moses and Elijah in the Transfiguration has been read as summarizing “the Law and the Prophets” now being fulfilled in and by Jesus’ life, the Messiah.

Moses is obviously representing the Law, while the Prophets are represented by Elijah. Yet there are more to that two men share than the meeting with Jesus on the mount. Below are some amazing facts shared between the two great men of bible history:

Moses and Elijah were both prophets and leaders of the people in their times. Moses led the people in a difficult time out of slavery in Egypt. Elijah led the people in another difficult time of captivity of idolatry and slavery of Ahab ad his wicked wife, Jezebel. 

At some point in their lives, the two men almost gave up on their missions because of human threat to their lives. Moses feared for his life and fled from King Pharaoh to the desert. Elijah also feared for his life and fled from Queen Jezebel to the desert.

There escape and solace were marked by number forty. Moses lived in the desert for forty years, and Elijah lived in the desert for forty days. However, the two men would later return to the place of their assignment after their wilderness experience to confront their worst fears with power.

The two men also heard God and were recommissioned in the same place though at different times. God spoke to Moses on the Mount Horeb. God also spoke to Elijah on Mount Horeb. Moses performed miracles and sent plagues on the people of Egypt and its King. Elijah performed miracles and sent plagues on the King of Isreal.

The two men had privilege on anointing their successors. They had premonition of their end. Moses anointed Joshua to replace him at the end of his ministry. Elijah anointed Elisha to replace him after he had finished his works.

They both experienced supernatural supply of food. Moses was given bread – called Manna from heaven in the wilderness. Elijah too received bread from heaven through a bird- the raven. They both performed similar outstanding miracle of parting water. Moses parted the Red Sea and walked across dry ground in his time. Elijah too parted the River Jordan and walked across dry ground.

Till today, no one knows where Moses was buried because God also saw to the end of Moses, and no one also knows where Elijah was buried because God took him directly to heaven. Both Moses and Elijah were part of the ministry of Jesus. They both appeared and gave him instructions on the Mountain of Transfiguration.



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