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Is Jesus, Michael The Archangel? See The Revealed Truth In The Bible

In Christianity, there is a debate about whether Michael was Jesus or a different angel with a similar leadership style. Let's have a look at how the Bible addresses this issue.

It's rare to see the name "Michael" used in the Bible. In other words, when he's mentioned, he's actually doing something. As depicted in the books of Daniel, Jude and Revelation, Michael is engaged in battle with the Devil and his demonic minions. Michael lives up to the meaning of his name "Who Is Like God?" by protecting Jehovah's reign and battling God's enemies. However, the issue remains: Who is Michael?

The fact that people rarely have more than one name is well-known. Partriach Jacob, for example, went by two names. All the way down to your humble author, Israel and Jacob Cedric and Teboho are my given names, although I am better known as Teboho. To make an issue out of Jesus being Michael is a waste of time. According to the scriptures, Jesus is Michael the archangel.

Looking at the meaning of the term archangel is a good place to start. Jehovah's archangels have special powers and command over other angels, and they are referred to as archangels. Since Jesus is the first son or creation of Jehovah God, the name Michael is a perfect fit for him. "The Lord himself will descend from heaven with a commanding cry, with an archangel's voice," says Thessalonians 4:16 once more.

This is because the voice of an archangel is stated as being that of Jesus in this verse. It is therefore possible that Jesus is the archangel Michael.

Michael is mentioned again in Revelation 12:7, when "Michael and his angels" are shown as fighting a crucial battle that results in the expulsion of Satan the Devil and his wicked angels from heaven.

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