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Never Break A Vow Or Oath; Mean What You Say

Taking vows and swearing one's allegiance is not something to be taken lightly. One of the reasons for this is that God never disappoints anyone and would never want anyone to disappoint someone else in the first place. When someone is counting on you to fulfill your vow, pledge, or oath and you fail to do so, it is painful or hurtful for that person.

The fact that people make unredeemable promises in the House of God before the assembly of believers in God's projects is even more concerning. It is important for us to be men and women of our words because God created the world through the power of the written word. As soon as He said, "Let it be," whatever He wished to manifest manifested itself.

It is possible that all of the things we see today would not have come into existence if He had summoned something and changed His mind. How reliable are you in keeping your promises? A vow is a vow, whether it is made to God or to a human being. It must be acknowledged and redeemed, or else the guilt will follow you wherever you go, no matter how many years have passed or where you live.

We are rational beings, and we should avoid making snap decisions. God wishes for women to be free of their vows and oaths, according to the Bible. This, however, can only be accomplished if the women in question have fathers or husbands who have authority over them and who are willing to annul their vows or oaths of marriage.

It is best to make promises and pledges while someone is conscious, and that person is responsible for any words spoken, whether in a vow, an oath, or a series of promises. The person who made the vow should not be able to change his or her mind or renege on the agreement.

The fact that when you remind people of their vows and pledges, they tell you not to disturb them and that you should not compel them to fulfill their vows is a disappointment. Jesus stated that your yes should be yes and your no should be no. It is preferable not to make a vow than to make a vow and not follow through on it.

Why should God destroy the works of your hands because you failed to keep your promise? Do you have any unredeemed vows that you can recall? Do you know that God is angry with those who make vows without fulfilling them and also regard you as a fool when you refused to fulfill your vow (Ecclesiastes 5:2-6) .

No wonder Jephthah sacrificed his only daughter to fulfill his vow (Judges 11:34-39).

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