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Meet Young Man Who Believes in Jesus Christ.

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All of us we have different beliefs right?and we have to respect each other.Some of us,we really love Christ so much.We believe in Him,respect Him and always we bow down to Him.We all know He died for our sins.So,we must always apologize if we do something wrong.

Meet Avery Romon Fortuin,a 27 years old South African writer and believer.A young man who believe in Jesus Christ.He loves Him so much.He believes that Christ granted him with many blessings in his life.

Christ gave him super amazing talent of writing books and sharing them with many people around the world.So,he wanna share the word of Jesus Christ with people who also believe in Him.That is why his books are all about Christ.

He published five books online in different platforms and still writing more books,and the first one is called “Divine deliverance by the Blood of the Lamb",which you can find on this website below.

His second book is called “Effatha;Open Heaven(Warriors,worshipers and weepers)”, you can find this one on this website below,

His third book is called “Latter Glory",you can get it on this website below.

The fourth book is called “Led by God the Holy Spirit",get it on the website below

Word of God is very important to many people.So he believes that this books will open many people’s eyes and also guide them in right direction,which is something that is very important.He is son of God indeed.

Your support will mean a lot to him and also it will benefit you as a believer.


All Books Written by Avery Romon Fortuin.


May God Bless You All.

Opinion of the day

In life,we face many challenges and we tackle them In different way.That is why we all have different beliefs.Also as people,we really need to support each other and also be there for one another because at the end of the day,we need each other.

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