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The Lord Has Forgiven Your Mistakes, It Is Time That You Forgive Yourself Too, And Heal. Amen

The worst thing that a person could ever do to themselves is to beat themselves over things that they cannot change. Mistakes happen, we are human we were created to make mistakes but the trick is, did you learn from them? Are you even aware that what you did was wrong?

Realizing and admitting that you have made a mistake is the first step to healing. You can never heal and find peace if you are still holding onto things that have happened and that you cannot change. Admit your mistakes to the lord and acknowledge them, he will forgive you because he is a forgiving God who does not hold grudges. After you have submitted to him, open your heart and embark on your healing journey. If the Lord can forgive you with no questions asked, why are you being so hard on yourself? Why are you not forgiving yourself?

Today i want you to not rob yourself of things that you can easily get, and that is self love and a free spirit. Forgive yourself, move on.

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