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Lost soul of the wonder lands, healing a broken deadly soul

We never went to the ocean together but for some reason I always think of you when I go there. I think it's the chaos of the waves, the crashing and turbulence but is also pieceful side. It's gets the ebb n flows. It's everything the ocean and you can not control it, That is why I think of you. You make me feel everything and I can not control it cause my soul is lost.

Wonders of the night, wonders of the day. Life keeps moving on. Our love keeps remaining the same, the oceans are the simple of our faith and the air is the simple of our choices. Faith and hope it's in us, we make choices that involves tomorrow without not knowing what tomorrow holds for us.

Broken vows, broken promises, what's there to live. Life full of sorrow, full of pain, but love conquers the emigrated of the broken dual soul and heart. I am your love, we love like crazy and hurt each other like we ain't no human.

My dear love, my dear soul tier, as I am the wonder of the ocean blue waves I cry for your lost love in me, my inside are burning while I am dying a slow death as I need u to come n caresses me till I drowl to my night land.

Be patient with me just like when you are when your mind is over drafting the reality of faith, let's let the emotions of our heart meet and fight for what's theirs. We are the ruler of our own body but not our own hearts.

My love, my future, my soul mate❤️ Theo Lesley Neo Pule the love of my dearest life.

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